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Your logo is how your customers recognise your business. A company logo also sets you apart from the competition, expressing the differences between you and them, no matter how subtle. Have you ever played the board game Logo with your children? Isn't it surprising how recognisable some of the world's biggest companies are, simply from a symbol or a blob of colour?

They all were once at a concept stage, and that is where our journey begins too. We will create several design concepts, based on your business values and what you want your logo to portray. We will present our ideas to you, and you will have an opportunity to select one, which we will continue working on with you.

We will produce several iterations of the selected concept to produce the final logo for your business. Remember your logo is the foundation your brand identity could be built on. We will help make it punchy, recognisable and unmistakable. Remember a great logo is well served with a high-quality product, goods or services. Although a vital piece, your logo is just one part of creating a powerful brand.


Other than identifying your company, a strong logo helps your company stand out from the masses of visual marketing clutter - especially among your competitors. The best logos will have these important traits:

Uniqueness - Does your logo follow the stereotypical representations of your industry or does it put a new and unique spin on former ideas?

Simplicity - A complex logos will look dated within a few years. Keep it simple from the start.

Consistent - with Your Company - Does your logo convey your industry, target market, brand personality and level of quality from the start?

Adaptability - Can your customer still see your logo well if printed very small or used in black and white settings such as copies and faxes?

Visual Polish - A company's logo should not display a homemade sketch or look like clip-art unless you intend to convey very low-quality offerings.